Fast growth of modern sales networks in Serbia created new standards in furnishing of the retail stores - not only in quality, but also in design and aesthetics.

A purpose of a good retail furniture is to show the goods. A purpose of a top retail furniture is to put the spotlight on the goods and to facilitate their sale.

Shelves For Bread,
fruit & wine

Through our cooperation with retailer Delhaize Group Maxi we learned how to go from good to top retail furniture with shelves for fruit, wine, bread, and many more.

Cash Registers
& Info Desks

We equipped many retail Maxi and Tempo stores in Serbia, Montenegro, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Neutral Inox

In addition, we supplied the retail stores with cash registers, info stands, as well as with work surfaces for fresh meat sections.

Our offer includes: sink (one-piece and in one-piece with spare part), tabels (for baking and for meat), other accompanying elements (devices for sharpening blades, butcher table, mechanisms and hoses for cleaning, stand for trays).